Residential Rollshutters

Rollshutters are a convenient way to protect your home.    Slats of rigid aluminum roll from a housing above the window or door, by means of an interior crank operator, or at the flick of a switch.


Excellent at keeping out water, even under hurricane force winds, rollshutters have been used in Europe for close to a century.  However, it is important to remember that the rollshutters built in Europe and Asia, are designed for very different conditions.  

Ours may be similar in appearance to the European & Asian systems, but several changes have been made to accommodate the needs of our region. Thicker profiles are used, capable of withstanding impact from flying debris in a hurricane.    Stronger guide rails, the introduction of removable hurricane bars (where needed), and various modifications to help our products  withstand corrosion, in even the saltiest environments. 

Commercial Rollshutters

Leeward Islands Hurricane Protection has been supplying convenient, motorized rollshutters to the business community, for close to 3 decades. 

Imagine walking into your office after a Cat 4 hurricane has smashed a window.   Doctor’s office,  lawyer’s office,  bank or retailer,  it makes no difference.   Computers are unsalvageable,  filing cabinets full of records destroyed.   True,  insurance will cover the cost of these items,  but the reimbursement for the cost of the computer does little to address the interruption to the normal flow of business.   

Records lost,  files damaged and irretrievable,   and countless hours trying to get back to where you were the day before the storm. Imagine locking up your business each night,  with the comfort of knowing you’ve taken all precautions to prevent a 3am phone call from the police or your alarm company.

Inverted Rollshutters (Concealed)

If you’re still at the planning stage of construction, we’re able to work with your architect / contractor, to enable the roll shutter housings to be completely concealed in the wall cavity.  

When retracted, there is virtually no sign of hurricane protection, and when needed, the shutters seem to magically appear. Any required maintenance is performed via a discreet access panel on the interior of the home.  We have installed literally 1000’s of inverted shutters, and are more qualified to take on an installation like this, than any other shutter company in the region.  

Whether you wish to use glazed windows, wooden louvers, or leave the opening empty except for the roll shutter, we can accommodate.

Rollshutters w/ Armour Mesh Combination

For the ultimate in protection, a combination of roll shutters and Armour Mesh covers all bases.  

The high-tensile 316 Stainless Steel screens offer unparalleled security, and even protection from mosquitoes.  The roll shutter prevents 155+ MPH winds from pushing even the tiniest amount of wind driven rain into your home.  

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